In the near future, I plan on developing myself independently from my teaching practice so that I develop into a multifaceted designer. The areas that currently interest me are material design, the open-source philosophy, and design ethics.

I’ve recently become more interested in the field of health due to some interesting conversations with my Creative Mechanical Engineering teacher, dr. ir. Frank Delbressine. With my passion for improving people’s lives, I could see myself become a designer of prostheses, for example, as this would allow me to integrate the social aspect of design (helping and interacting with people) with the mechanical side (creating an artificial limb that is strong yet flexible and offers freedom in movement). This drive to help people through design is why I want to join the Health squad.

My second squad choice is Games and Play as I also want to explore the interplay between my teaching experience and design thinking. I feel current-day teaching practices can benefit enormously from the insights coming from user-centred design thinking, for example.

To achieve my goals, I’ve created a Personal Development Plan for my second year: Draft PDP Plan B2.


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