• M1.1

    Q1 – Build skillset
    Learn Material-Driven Design
    Finish Mouscle prototypes
    Aesthetics through algorithm (Grasshopper)
    Learn how to control/build CNC machines

  • Q2 – Build skillset
    Learn Material-Driven Design
    Take course Designing User Interfaces with Emerging Techn.
    Explore Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCEs)

  • M1.2

    Apply skillset
    Soft Robotics within health: compliant skeleton
    Create compliant actuators from LCEs
    Take course Device-Integrated Responsive Materials

  • M2.1

    Explore outside ID
    Take course Microfabrication Methods
    Set up Project in Soft Robotics:
    soft sensors or soft actuators

  • FMP

    Final Master’s Project in Soft Robotics
    Research within health?
    Use Aesthetics to make actuators lifelike

  • PhD?

    Work within a Soft Robotics department in ID? Be part of setting this up?

  • Postdoc?

    MIT Media Lab
    Brigham Young University
    Carnegie Mellon University

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