In quartile one, I focused on developing my skills in programming and electronics. The expertise area I am most interested in is Technology & Realisation, which I why I dove into the course Creative Programming. For the final project, I created an electronic Etch-a-Sketch as it allowed me to develop and combine my skills in programming, electronics, and 3D-modelling.

The most valuable learning insight I gained from this course was to attack problems systematically and first write code for a small section of my solution, then another bit, and another, building upon my simple code to create something quite complex. I think this approach is applicable to many design problems.

Another great learning moment was when one of the teachers gave me some extra pointers during the break. As a result, I learnt how to write code that wasn’t just well organised, it also had the potential to beĀ beautiful. I think this one moments got me hooked on programming and I’ve been doing extra reading ever since to improve my code writing style.

Challenge 2 - Creative Programming
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