3D-printed foam board parts library

Early on during Exploratory Making, I got the idea of creating a 3D-modelled parts library to speed up and enhance the exploratory making process. After the course, I decided to go forward with the idea and create the library on Thingiverse, taking care to make everything open source. To achieve this, I programmed the parts in OpenSCAD and licensed them under a Creative Commons licence. 

During Exploratory Making, I learnt that a prototype can mean different things at different stages of the design process. I also learnt that I need to also allow the rapid in rapid prototyping to happen, as I tend to be too much of a perfectionist when it comes to modelling. This library helps me in the sense that it allows me to build models quickly without having to compromise on the details.

These learning moments were important for me mainly in the area of Creativity and Aesthetics as they allow me to come up with new concepts more easily without focusing too much on how good models need to look.

screenshot Thingiverse