Design Sketching

In addition to taking Exploratory Sketching, I’m trying to develop my own visual style, and part of that for me is design sketching. 

For me, sketching is a medium to communicate and explore ideas. However, especially the latter is difficult for me, as I tended to go for (photo)realism in my drawings. As course Exploratory Sketching progressed, I was able to let go of this drive for realism more and use the materials to explore new ideas and experiment. I feel I really improved my creativity skills, developing my Creativity & Aesthetics.

I’ve been exploring more broadly, trying out different media such as pastels and ballpoint pen as well for design drawings. I find that the combination of ballpoint pen with a contrasting fineliner works well for me to quickly create design drawings without having to carry around a lot of sketching materials. I will continue exploring different types of design drawing to see what suits me best and to develop my own unique style. I think my own style will help me ‘sell’ my ideas to group members and (potential) clients.