Media Deck

This media deck sprung from my desire to have all my media buttons in one convenient place, especially for online meetings during the corona lockdown. I had been wanting to work with Cherry MX keycaps and reverse-mounted LEDs for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity to design a PCB that incorporated those components. I created the component footprints from datasheets and was very pleased to find that everything fitted well when the PCB and components arrived.

I also took this opportunity to integrate the design of the PCB with that of the case in Fusion 360. I exported the PCB outline with milled holes from KiCAD into Fusion 360 and used the imported footprint to base the case around. The case needed a few iterations as I had misjudged some tolerances between components and case, but overall everything went smoothly.

This was a great learning opportunity for me in Technology & Realisation because I had to work within electrical engineering (correct components, component sizes, working schematic), mechanical engineering (correct sizes and tolerances, easy to assemble, sturdy), and programming (programming the Arduino Pro Micro). Especially the integration of the different fields proved to be more challenging than working on a design in just one of these areas.