Moduli DIY Modular Light Kit

Moduli is a modular light kit that makes full use of the reflective, canvas-like, properties of white PCBs. With Moduli, I wanted to explore how LED light can be mixed to create gradient patterns and I chose PCBs as a medium because this seemed a new application area. I went through multiple iterations and I still see a number of improvements for the next version, which should be the final iteration.

I already managed to sell a number of these DIY kits, so I’ve been able to cover my initial (humble) investment costs. I’m hoping to offer this kit as a soldering workshop for young people to get them interested in electronics, soldering, and possibly PCB design. One of the strengths of this design is that it teaches something about light, modular design, creativity, through-hole soldering, and SMD soldering for those interested.

With this project, I combined knowledge of electronics and light I had gathered in various courses. This expanded my skills in the areas of Technology & Realisation and Creativity & Aesthetics.

Design files can be found on my Github: